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Sales Terms and Information

Amber Waves is NOT a backyard breeder. Know your breeder.
• Amber Waves Established in 1982
• Large Welcome Package with care information with each purchase
• Amber Waves is an internationally known breeder of African Pygmy Goats
• Film Crews featuring Amber Waves Pygmy Goats include National Geographic, Tory and Dean Show, Animal Planet
• We ship International
February 16, 2018 goats to the United Arab Emirates
March 10, 2018, Pygmy Goats to the Royal Family of Qatar
• Licensed in our city as a pygmy goat breeder
• Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau and have a five-star rating with both
• Over 300 verified customer reviews we have a five-star rating read here
• Although we no longer show we accumulated hundreds of championships including a National Champion Pygmy Buck, Herd Awards, Premier Breeder and many other awards.
• All the goats we sell are blood tested yearly for CAE, CL, and Johnes and if under one year the parents are tested negative.
• All our goats come with lifetime support
• We send out automatic reminders when your new pygmy goat(s) are due for shots and worming via email
• All goats are blood tested yearly for cAE, CL and Johnes
• All goats are dehorned and come current on shots and worming
• All babies are hand-raised bottle babies which make the ultimate family pet
• Ship Worldwide
Additional Services for International Buyers
• Amber Waves will handle all registration papers to transfer your new goats into your name unless otherwise specified. Amber Waves charges the same amount the registries would charge you. We can also assist with registering any offspring at no additional cost but registration fees as a courtesy to our customers
• Amber Waves will assist in registering any offspring born from goats sold by Amber Waves.
• Thirty Days Free Board
Additional Services Local Customers
• We offer education for our clients on how to take care of trim hoofs, give shots, etc. (by appointment only click here to make an appointment
• Low-cost shots and worming.
• Boarding for our customer's note must have a current CAE, CL and Johne’s lab report sent to Amber Waves prior to arrival for boarding.
• Reduced breeding fees normal breeding fee for outside customers is $300 for current customers it is $150 plus $5.00 per day board.

Updated July 30, 2018