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Monday, October 12, 2020

How to Remove Dog Hair from your Carpet

How to Remove Dog Hair from Your Carpet

Meta Title: How to Keep a Clean Carpet and Get Rid of Dog Hair
Meta Description: If you’re having a real problem with dog hair and keeping a clean carpet, the following methods might come in handy. From a simple sponge mop to a pet hair robot, here are the most effective ways to get rid of dog hair!

Hairy Intro
Is your furry friend giving you a hard time in maintaining that carpet clean, always leaving piles of dog hair behind? The first thing that springs to mind is giving your dog a haircut. However, that would be a long-term solution, and, in the meantime, you still have a lot of dog hair to remove from the carpet. Besides, you shouldn’t cut your dog’s fur, unless it’s a burning hot summer outside!
Now, you might consider getting your hands on the best robot vacuum for pet hair out there – this would guarantee your complete success in removing all the dog hair from your carpet! However, until you decide on the purchase and for the sake of argument, here are 3 home maker tips which can help you to get rid of dog hair using simple household items:

1. Use a Sponge Mop
It might sound too simple to be correct, but unless you own one of those fleecy Berber carpets, a sponge mop is one of the simplest ways to get the job done. You will have to use a robot vacuum first, and make sure it does a thorough cleanup, but afterward, you will be ready to go. Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly use it moist a clean sponge mop. It’s doubtful you will be using this mop for anything else than removing dog hair from the carpet, so you might want to consider buying one just for this sole purpose. Anyway, once the sponge mop is soaked with water, start moving it gently across your carpet. The hair will form small clumps that you can either pick up yourself or vacuum.
2. Use a Fabric Softener
Remember that spray bottle you used before? Great, cause you’ll also be able to use it in combination with fabric softener. Generally, when you’re trying to get rid of dog hair, one quarter fabric softener and three-quarters water should do the trick. Mix them thoroughly in the bottle, lightly spray the result on the carpet, and then let it dry. The softener will loosen up the dog hair piled up, making it a lot easier for you to remove it either manually or with a robot vacuum.

3. Use Baking Soda
It’s impressive for how many different things you can use baking soda, aside from cookie dough! In our particular care, you have to sprinkle it over the carpet, and then wait for a couple of minutes. Continue by vacuuming the floor, and that’s it! On the one hand, you will have removed the dog hair entirely, and on the other hand, you will have also deodorized the room!

Clean Carpet Outro
And there you have it, three secure methods which you probably can resource to right now, on the spot. Of course, giving your dog a delicate trimming and buying that pet hair robot should remain on your list of priorities! However, until then, either one of the three alternatives presented above should work just fine and take care of all that dog hair.


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