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May 02, 2019

By: Amber Waves

Amber Waves Offers New Service to Customers: Animals from Select Outside Breeders Now For Sale


Amber Waves is proud to announce the launch of a new service for its customers! In addition to being able to purchase African pygmy goats that are bred and raised by Amber Waves, customers are now able to purchase other breeders’ animals through Amber Waves. As a reputable breeder for over 30 years, Amber Waves is working with a select group of outside breeders to offer customers an even wider selection of animals to choose from when deciding on the perfect addition to their homes.

Each animal offered for sale by an outside breeder is available for viewing through online images on the Amber Waves website. These animals will not be housed at Amber Waves, so they are not able to be viewed during in-person tours of the Amber Waves farm. However, upon purchase by a customer, each animal will be delivered to Amber Waves. At this point the customer may arrange to pick up their new pet at Amber Waves or have their animal shipped to them. Amber Waves successfully ships goats both nationally and internationally.

With each animal purchased from Amber Waves, whether the animal was bred by Amber Waves or an outside breeder, the customer receives free Lifetime Support over the life of the pet and free automated health reminders. Having a trusted industry leader to call upon with any of your goat-related questions will enhance the pleasures of goat ownership. You will certainly benefit from the over 30 years of learning Amber Waves has acquired!

Amber Waves has spent years perfecting the selling process for African pygmy goats. Customers have come to expect smooth sales when purchasing goats bred and raised by Amber Waves, and customers will enjoy the same stress-free process when purchasing other breeders’ animals through Amber Waves. Each animal purchased will be current on all of its shots and worming treatments. Each animal will also come home to the customer registered. All that the customer needs to do is transfer the registration to his or her name, which Amber Waves can provide directions for. Any warranties or guarantees that come with a goat that was bred and raised by an outside breeder will remain between the customer and that outside breeder.

If you are interested in purchasing a goat from Amber Waves, please visit the Amber Waves website or call (951) 736-1076. Rest assured that by working with Amber Waves, you will find the perfect goat for your family. If you are a reputable breeder of high-quality goats who is interested in offering your animals for sale through Amber Waves, please contact us.
Amber Waves
Established in 1982 in Norco, California, Amber Waves is committed to producing high quality, registered African pygmy goats for breeding, showing, and family pet purposes. Over the years Amber Waves has become an industry leader, accumulating prestigious awards such as 428 Champions, 4 Premier Exhibitor awards, 7 Premier Breeder awards, 5 Herdsman awards, and 1 National Champion Buck award. Kiddings are available year round and may be shipped both nationally and internationally. Occasionally proven bucks and does are also available for purchase.