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July 27, 2018

What Exactly is a Pygmy Goat Anyways?


What Exactly is a Pygmy Goat Anyways?

So, you have seen the adorable pictures of pint-size goats populating the Internet. You may have even enjoyed a picture or two on this website. At this point, you likely have some questions if you have never been exposed to pygmy goats before. Many people even wonder if these images of tiny goats are really young goats that will eventually become “regular sized.” However, these miniature goats are actually their very own breed. Read on for more information about pygmy goats. In the time it takes you to read this article, you may just have another question: where can you purchase your very own goat? Hint: Amber Waves has been selling high-quality pygmy goats for over 30 years!

The origins of pygmy goats, or more specifically African pygmy goats, are traced to the Cameroon Valley of West Africa. These playful little goats were first transported to Europe and then made their way to the United States in the 1950s. While they were first introduced into the United States as zoo and research animals, they are now primarily kept as family pets. In fact, in recent years keeping African pygmy goats as pets has risen in popularity considerably with reputable breeders selling out of kiddings virtually as quickly as they are born.

The phrase “small but mighty” fits the African pygmy goat well. While they are small, ranging in height from 16 to 25 inches and in weight from 50 to 80 pounds at maturity, pygmy goats are known for their hardiness. Pygmy goats are able to thrive in a wide variety of climates and are famous for their good health and agreeable temperament. Because of their small stature, pygmy goats make excellent pets for people with larger and smaller yards alike. On average, pygmy goats live 8 to 15 years.

While there are only three primary colors (black, medium brown, and dark brown) that form the color base pygmy goats, there are many different color patterns found in the breed. The following nine color patterns encompass the majority of the variety found in pygmy goats: black, black/grey agouti, black trim caramel, medium brown, medium brown agouti, medium brown trim caramel, dark brown, dark brown agouti, and dark brown trim caramel. White “frosting” is often present on the animals’ ears and muzzles. Solid color African pygmy goats are a rather rare find.

As mentioned, pygmy goats are now primarily kept as lovable family pets. However, pygmy goats are also raised for their milk and work potential. Pygmy goats are known for producing amble amounts of milk, especially when considering their small size. They are also the most adorable and friendly weed and pest controllers one could ever hope for! Additional information on African pygmy goats, including how to purchase them, can be found on the Amber Waves website or obtained by calling (951) 736-1076.

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Established in 1982 in Norco, California, Amber Waves is committed to producing high quality, registered African pygmy goats for breeding, showing, and family pet purposes. Over the years Amber Waves has become an industry leader, accumulating prestigious awards such as 428 Champions, 4 Premier Exhibitor awards, 7 Premier Breeder awards, 5 Herdsman awards, and 1 National Champion Buck award. Kiddings are available year round and may be shipped both nationally and internationally. Occasionally proven bucks and does are also available for purchase.