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Foundation Pygmy Goats

Buck (male)

Dark Caramel Buck Kid
PygmyBuck (male)Caramel | NPGA# 30394M2 yrs

Not for Sale
2X Grand Champion
PygmyBuck (male)Caramel | NPGA# 29219M4 yrs

2X Grand Champion Buck he is the last son of the dam of the 2016 National Champion Buck...

Not for Sale
Small Buck -
PygmyBuck (male)Caramel | NPGA# 1 yr

This guy is my favorite I hate to part with him but I have too many bucks. He is going to be a small buck and he has the widest front end I have ever had on any Pygmy Goat. Super sweet was a hand ...

Not for Sale
Sire and Dam PGCH
PygmyBuck (male)Caramel With Black Markings | NPGA# 30534M1 yr

Beautiful young buck kid. Outstanding Pedigree...

Not for Sale
Gorgeous Buck
PygmyBuck (male)Black Agouti W/ White on Rt Rear To | NPGA# 30038M2 yrs

Not for Sale
Rare Brown Agouti Son of National Ch Buc
PygmyBuck (male)Brown Agouti | NPGA# 30468M2 yrs

Gorgeous young brown agouti buck. His sire is a National Champion Brown Agouti buck whos sire was also a brown agouti National Champion buck!...

Not for Sale
Rare Brown Agouti Buck
PygmyBuck (male)Rare Brown Agouti | NPGA# 30776M1 yr

Rare Brown agouti Buck Kid...

Not for Sale
2X Reserve Grand Champion Buck
PygmyBuck (male)Black Agouti | NPGA# 30038M2 yrs

Not for Sale
Beautiful Buck
PygmyBuck (male)Black Agouti | NPGA# 30535M2 yrs

Sire and dam both Permanent National Pygmy Goat Association champions....

Not for Sale

Doe (female)

Gorgeous Doe Kid - NFS
PygmyDoe (female)Caramel | NPGA# 2 yrs

Not for Sale

Wether (male)

Multiple Show Championships
PygmyWether (male)Grey Agouti Trimmed In White | NPGA# 2 yrs

Super Friendly, Has multiple championships. Currently in TX but we can arrange to get him back to California....

Not for Sale